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IVRLA - James Joyce with wife Nora Photo  - James Joyce and his wife Nora, with son Giorgio and daughter Lucia, held by UCD Special Collection


UCD – Irish Virtual Research Library and Archive project

UCD – Special Collection

James Joyce Centre Dublin

James Joyce Museum

RTE Radio 1 ‘Reading Ulysses’

James Joyce Summer School

UCD Scholarcast: Prof. Anne Fogarty, ‘James Joyce and Popular Culture’

UCD Scholarcast: Prof. Declan Kiberd, ‘Ulysses and Us: The Art of Everyday Living’

National Library of Ireland

National Library of Ireland Sources

National Archives of Ireland

Abbey Theatre, National Theatre of Ireland, Archive


International James Joyce Foundation

James Joyce Foundation, Zurich

James Joyce Society, New York

Bloomsday, Sydney

Joyce Summer School, Trieste

The James Joyce Collection, University of Buffalo


Kevin Whelan, Memories of the Dead: The Yale Journal of Criticism – Volume 15, Number 1, Spring 2002, pp. 59-97

James Joyce Quarterly

James Joyce Literary Supplement

Genetic Joyce Studies

Joyce Studies Annual

Read the book: Dubliners (1914)

Penguin Books

Find out more about the music

Tenor – Enrico Caruso (1873 – 1921)

Columbia University Joyce Coursework Audio page

National Archive images/resources

Gresham Hotel

15 Usher’s Island

Adam and Eve’s Church, Merchant’s Quay

Webb’s bookshop, Aston Quay

Clongowes Roll book: James A. Joyce

Census of Joyce Family 1901

Census Return for Mrs Mack 1901

Census return for Nora Barnacle 1901

Thom’s Directory 1904: Usher’s Island

Joyce Family Census 1911

IVRLA - James Joyce as a young boy

Photo: Joyce as young boy, UCD Special Collection