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Links to all James Joyce resources:

James Joyce research resources in Ireland:
University College Dublin Website
UCD – Irish Virtual Research Library and Archive project
UCD – James Joyce research Centre
James Joyce Centre Dublin
James Joyce Museum
RTE Radio 1 ‘Reading Ulysses’
James Joyce Summer School
UCD Scholarcast: Prof. Anne Fogarty, ‘James Joyce and Popular Culture’
UCD Scholarcast: Prof. Declan Kiberd, ‘Ulysses and Us: The Art of Everyday Living’

Irish archive resources:
National Library of Ireland
National Library of Ireland Sources
National Library of Ireland – Clarke Collection
National Archives of Ireland
Abbey Theatre, National Theatre of Ireland, Archive
Irish Times Digital Archive

International James Joyce research resources:
International James Joyce Foundation
British Library
James Joyce Foundation, Zurich
James Joyce Society, New York
James Joyce Centre, Antwerp
Bloomsday, Sydney
Joyce Summer School, Trieste
Yale Ulysses & Joyce Research portal
The James Joyce Collection, University of Buffalo
Flying By the Net; A Joycean resource site maintained by Prof. Michael Groden of the University of Western Ontario

Research publications on Joyce and The Dead:
Kevin Whelan, Memories of the Dead: The Yale Journal of Criticism – Volume 15, Number 1, Spring 2002, pp. 59-97
James Joyce Quarterly
James Joyce Literary Supplement
Genetic Joyce Studies
Joyce Studies Annual

Read the book: Dubliners (1914)
Penguin Books

Watch the Movies:
Buy The Dead (1987) at Amazon
Buy Nora 1999 at Amazon

Trinity College Dublin: Irish Film and TV Research Online – Joyce Movie Information:
The Dead 1987, Dir. John Huston
Nora 1999, Dir. Pat Murphy
Bloom 2003, Dir. Sean Walsh
Ulysses 1967, Dir. Joseph Strick
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man 1977, Dir. Joseph Strick

Find out more about the music in The Dead:
Tenor – Enrico Caruso (1873 – 1921)
Irish Singer, Noel O Grady, performs Joyce’s songbook
Columbia University Joyce Coursework Audio page
Irish Singer, Elizabeth Cronin (1879-1956)
John McCormack – Irish Tenor (1884 – 1945)

Click on the player below to listen to ‘The Lass of Aughrim’ performed by Noel O Grady:

National Folklore Collection:
Click on the player below to listen to ‘Lord Gregory’ performed by Elizabeth Cronin:

Click on the player below to listen to ‘The Croppy Boy’ performed by Patrick Farrell:

Find out more about places in The Dead:
The Gresham Hotel
The Gresham during the Civil War 1922; New York Times archive
James Joyce House, 15 Usher’s Island
Ireland in 1904

National Archive links relevant to Joyce, his work and The Dead:
Gresham Hotel
15 Usher’s Island
Adam and Eve’s Church, Merchant’s Quay
Webb’s bookshop, Aston Quay
Mount Mellery
Clongowes Roll book: James A. Joyce
Census of Joyce Family 1901
Census Return for Mrs Mack 1901
Census return for Nora Barnacle 1901
Thom’s Directory 1904: Usher’s Island
Joyce Family Census 1911